Student & Principal Reviews

Principal Quotes

I would recommend The 180 Tour to any school for providing top entertainment wrapped in a positive message.
– Principal; Marceline HS, Marceline, MO

The 180 Tour has created a positive movement in high school. I am confident that students will continue  to evaluate their decisions and strive to be their best each day!
– Class Advisor; Midd- West HS, Middleburg, PA

Without question, The 180 Tour may have been one of the best assemblies that we have hosted in many years.
– Principal; Page County HS, Luray, VA

The group incorporated music, a drug free message and direct interaction with students to build enthusiasm  and reach out to students.
– Principal; Centennial HS, Utica, NE

WOW! what a performance by The 180 Tour! Our county was privelaged to hear the message and listen to teh music from this wonderful tour!
– Director of HS, Jackson County Schools, Ripley, WV

The general consensus was, and continues to be, that The 180 Tour ranks among the best things to happen to Deep Run.
– Principal; Deep Run HS, Glen Allen, VA

Teachers and students alike have expressed the feeling that this was by far the best assembly we have attended.
– Activity Director, Williamsburg HS, Williamsburg, PA

The 180 Tour had the ability to relate to teh student body in a way that each of them could connect with at some level.
– Principal Liaison- Tyrone HS, Tyrone, PA

Our students are still buzzing!
– Principal, Central HS, Martinsburg, PA

It is evident that the tour is not just their “job” it is a “passion”.
– Asst. Principal, Portage HS, Portage, PA

You will not regret having this assembly in your school… It is so worthwhile!
– Life Skills Teacher, Everett HS/MS, Everett, PA

The message was certainly more worthwhile than if the Assistant Principle or I had attempted to deliver the message.
– Principal, Roosevelt HS, Altoona, PA

The concert-like atmosphere electrified the students.
– Asst. Principal, Altoona HS, Altoona, PA

This assembly was by far the easiest one I ever planned for and hosted.
– Asst. Principal, Hollidaysburg HS, Hollidaysburg, PA


Student Reviews

“It touched my heart unbelievably like nothing ever before. I want to thank you for taking the time and coming to our school.”
– Student, Tyrone HS

“It was amazing and perfect timing after what our school has been through in the past month.”
– Student, OHS    

“I don’t think that there was one person in the room that walked out the doors the same person as when they walked in.”
– Student, Altoona HS

“I must say your band is amazing and so moving. just with you boys singing and rocking and crystal talking just made me realize that this world needs to stop picking on each other and that we need to see ourselves for who we are and not someone who we aren’t. I listen to the CD your band handed out for free at Keith Junior High School and it just puts me in a good mood when I’m in a bad one and I don’t know what I would do if I never knew about VOTA. PLEASE come back to play sometime soon or anywhere close.”

– Student, Keith Junior High School

“Hey, I was one of the dancers when you came to Everett High School and played for us. Anyways, yesterday we had a bomb threat and a girl committed suicide in the bathroom. Well, pretty sure anyways. I thought that was really weird after you guys came and talked to us. Don’t you think? But I think what you guys are doing is great, and I think you should pretty much go to every school and stop what’s happening in schools like mine.   It’s great to see such a positive influence you can have on so many people.  Keep up the good work guys!”

– Student, Everett High School