Assembly Programs

Each program message will be specifically designed to target what your school faces on a daily basis. Common topics include the following: Bullying, Positive Life Choices, and more.


Identifying the Bully in all of us

Our speakers explore not only the obvious blatant forms of bullying but more importantly, the subtle behaviors, actions, and negative words we often use towards others that often go unnoticed but are potentially the most harmful forms of bullying.  We counsel students on how to react and deal with being bullied, as well as how to prevent the bully in all of us from surfacing.

Positive Life Choices

Developing a Strategy for Life

The 180 Tour chooses it’s roster of professional speakers based on lessons learned through life experience.  Our speakers share their stories about how making poor choices ultimately effected their lives.  Our speakers encourage a strategy for living with wisdom.  Your students will understand that choices have consequences.  Our speakers will help your students identify what influences the decisions they make and help them find their identity so they are better prepared to make the right choices.
Schools may request that the 180 Tour focus in on specific choices pertaining to:

– Drugs/Alcohol
– Peer Pressure
– Self Harm

You may also customize the assembly program to fit your unique needs.

Customize Your Assembly

We can tailor our Assembly Program to fit your unique needs.  Contact us today and start customizing your Assembly Program.